What happens after I follow a trader?


Hey everyone,

I’m sorry if that’s ever been asked and if so, please feel free to direct to the topic.

So let’s say I started following Trader A, with 5.000 $ and copying their trades. At this part - I know its pretty early :slight_smile: - I get confused. Again, let’s say Trader A also has a total of 5.000 $ and %20 of it in BTC and %80 it is in ETH. After I follow them, do I copy their next trades or my current capital will be used to purchase same % amounts of those assets? If I copy their existing portfolio, I would probably be buying at a higher price than they did, so I don’t think that’s the case. But wanted to become clear how exactly that social trading works.

I hope I was clear enough because English is not my first language.

Thanks in advance!