When I start following a Trader, should I see him in my MT4?


I successfully linked my ZuluTrade and broker accounts, and started following a trader.
My ZuluTrade account detected by broker account balance correctly, and lists the Trader I am following in my ZT account settings.

However there’s no sign of the Trader in my broker MT4 account. Is that normal? Or does one only see copy-trades in account history when they occur? (I am not manual trading at all)



ZuluTrade allows you to have a Follower Account or a Trader Account. When you follow a Trader, the Trader may or may not use MT4 for trading, However, the signals of the trader reflect in your Follower Account. This does not affect you own MT4. Your MT4 gives you the opportunity to make your own trading decisions by using it to place orders,close orders either manually or by automation.

After you must have gathered enough experience and you are sure that you can make profit with Forex trading, you can then decide to be a Trader and open a Trader account. You can link this Trader account to your own MT4 or to other systems systems such as ZuluTrade Classic, etc. If you choose to trade with MT4 in this case, your activity will affect the ZuluTrade Follower account of your followers.

You can ask more questions by using Live Chart and a ZuluTrade personnel will respond.

All the best.