When to increase pip size?


I have an account with 1000 euro. I follow one trader with 1 micro lot per trade,stoploss is 100 pips. I have an european account so my leverage is 30 and i can max risk 75% of my account (does this count for margin too?)

How do I calculate the ideal pipsize to trade with or how do i calculate when to increase the pipsize? Anyone can help me with this formula?


It is quite complicated if you are new to copy trading. I think a good start would be the Zulutrade Traders Combos because Zulutrade do all the work for you in finding the appropriate traders (filtering out the showboat traders) and strategies for whatever risk appetite you have. Use a demo account to start with to test out different combos. Don’t try to rush your trading goals. Forex trading is not get rich quick solution. I hope this helps.


Not really yet.

I understand i need to be able to have enough margin to open the trades the trader does. And i need to be able to survive drawdown.

But is it as simple as number of maxim trades = 8
Margin needed per trade is 66.66 euro (2 microlots)
Margin required 533 euro.
Stoploss is max 100 pips. so if things go bad 1 lose 800 pips worth 0.172 per pip = 137,6 euro. So the next day i have a balance which is high enough to cover the margin needed for 8 new trades.
If i used 0.03 pip size i would have a problem if things go bad on the first day, because i would not have enough marginbalance to open 9 new trades the next day.

So it would be saver to wait to incease pipsize to 0.03 until i have enough balance to cover margin after (x) days of bad trades by the copied trader. What would x be?


Whatever you see on Traders profile, necessary minimum equity required, you have to use a micro lot(10 cents per pip). Let’s say Traders necessary minimum equity required is $250, then you would be using minimum 0.04 micro lots for a $1000 capital. Remember that is the minimum.amount. If your stop loss is 100 pips, that is $40 per trade opened at same time in the minus. 5 trades opened at the same time on 4 micro lots would be $200 in the minus.I hope this helps you out. Safe trading.