which trader is good for me to follow


Hello i have 330$ and i want to earn 5$ to 10$ maximum per day so please suggest me which trader is good for me so i can follow him thanks


Hello Bro
check here and if you decided to follow then set your money management , all the best

and here





sir all of them are very new i already loss 13k$ now i have last 330$ and i want to earn 10$ a day so please can any one help me without greed and tell me a good trader to follow so i can earn 10$ a day thanks


still waiting for some one to help me please


Take a look my strategy https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/388113


Excuse me, no serious trader can tell, how much he will make per day/week/month.
That is in the hands of the market. But I am confident, that I will do okay on 6-12 Month horizon.
Rothenstein Trading


i wish one day you can recover your loss
all the best for you


Dear sir,

You can check my account from the link below. It’s also suitable for small accounts.




It does not matter if the account is new. You need an account with seriously low DD and discipline which also give high returns. $10 per day on an account of $330 is about 3% daily. This account is fast moving up the rankings and has both low DD and good gains.