Why inactive trader profiles are not deleted?


I am a trader and provider at zulu and I would like to know why does zulu dont delete those accounts which are inactive for long long time and abdoned? I see lots of accounts which are inactive and no trades are been taken for years now.

I think some cleaning is required to make it more official and easier for followers to find most active traders.


Hello Sir!

Thanks for your input. Indeed we are planning a clearing in the short future.




Thank you please do it ASAP so we can have better ranking system

any system which does not take any new trade for 30 days should be removed.

Zulu is great platform and I am sure this will make more people attracted here.


Hey, steady on!!
My automated breakout system went 62 days without placing a trade in 2016. I was still active and definitely would have been peeved if I had been deleted. Still made 167% return, so trading often not necessarily always best.
P.S. Inactivity alerts are acceptable. Maybe send an email to those who haven’t traded in 3 months and ask them if they are still active. No reply within 7 days and THEN they get deleted.


Can you give us a timestamp when will you delete those accounts? because this is very important for all.


Most retail traders are very active and I think 30 days of inactivity shows they have abandon account.


Traders who stay inactive more than 3 months, they should be automatically disabled.
Even if stock traders or position trader trade more frequently.

Therefore a 3 months inactivity is fair.


This will demand great resources in order to track the whole process.


yes so when will we see the action? this is really important other wise zulu ranking will be keep flooded with the dead accounts. and the real traders will remain unnoticed by investors.




Zulu is doing some thing to remove all such systems for more robust and good ranking system?

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Agreed with @PROFITMASTERFX on this. It’s not fair to us active traders that this person still being ranked (as of today) It should be automatically removed once inactivity after 3 months per ZuluTrade’s rules. And this account last activities is back in 2013, that’s 5 years old inactive account.



We have already performed a clearance and setup an automated procedure.
There are some more cases that we will take care soon and we will be ok.




so what will be the new rules? of getting inactive accounts getting removed?


Do not delete but NOT include it in the selection,


Yes as far as it does not get included with other active traders ranking it should be all good.


still hoping for more of this. I just found @steadycapture and he’s long gone. does he really still have live investors like it says here?? These profiles are clogging up the Zulu Rankings.