Zulu demo account = NPBFX Real account


Over the past few days I have been several times pointed out that I trade on a demo account. While this is really true, I have been saying that I have several live accounts with different brokers and that on Zulu-demo I trade almost as well as on my live accounts. Not to be unfounded and to be honest with my investors, I got an idea to make two videos about one of my live account with NPBFX broker. In the first video I show the trading terminal and a statistic of the transactions from the very beginning. In the second video you can see the full report of the same account. One more thing. On my real account I trade much more aggressively. On the Zulu-demo I have to open half of my live account transactions since many investors come with a very small capital and I just don’t want them to lose their small investment. I hope this information will be helpful for those who want to join me but they still have some doubts about my demo account. Best regards, Daily Great Swings: https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/375517/trading



Why dont you connect your live account as a Trader on the platform?



Hello, ZTDesk! Sure, I am planning to open a new live account specifically for Zulu but will do it a bit latter. Those live accounts are for other purposes.