Zulu platform is not for every trading system.


Dear investors! I want to inform you that after some hesitation I am forced to stop trading this account. Business algorithm Zulu disadvantageous to such trading systems like mine. Everywhere in the world of professional trading the greatest profit is received by systems working on daily charts. As you can understand, such trading systems do not enter the market every day, but wait for a good, reliable signal, which may appear once a week. Then the transaction is accompanied by a few days or even weeks. Trading such systems you must be a trader, not a gambler. On Zulu it is impossible to work profitably with such trading systems. Zulu algorithm pushes you to trade every day so that you can advance in rank. As you can see I have stuck between 700 and 800 rank, because of my trading system, though it is a very realible and profitable one. It is nonsense but it is how it is with Zulu. For this purpose, especially for Zulu, as you already know, I have created a trading system that trades every day. Account name is Lucky Red Bull https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/382873/trading . Account DailyGreatSwings I will close, because I do not want to spend my precious time and effort senselessly. The trading system that I am using for DGS account, I am already using on other trading platforms with a great profit. But before closing the DGS account I have decided to open several orders, because the right time has come, make some good profit for you and then to stop trading this account. With respect: Your personal trader.


Hello, it's encouraging to hear from traders who know what they want and go for it like you've decided to. In my opinion, you've done the great thing. If your strateggy doesn't work well in one platform , you can still make a fortune fro it on another platform. I hope the account you've created for daily trading on Zulu will make you some profit too


Thanks for your comment. You know, I just want to be honest to my investors. If something is not working here… why do you need to waste your precious time, right? We all are here to make some profit. No need to be afraid to say the truth.
And also thanks for good wishes. Good luck you too!
P.S. Funny thing: when I stopped trading the DailyGreatSwings account, people have come and invested more than $10 000… :slight_smile: Why don’t they read StatusUpdate section and my messages?


The DailyGreatSwing account is still alive after all. People have come and have invested their money so I just can’t ignor them. Moreover they asked me to continue trading the account.