ZuluTrade Affiliate Program review


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I would like to get together all the pros and cons of zulutrade affiliate program. Feel free to add whatever you think is necessary. I want to compare zulu affiliate program with other offers.
This is what I’ve got.

  • Cool product (20+ multi languages program, good regulation, a lot of brokers-partners)
  • Clear revshare system. Commission from the referrals trading volume
  • The conversion from a demo account to live 10% as it is mentioned in the presentation (maybe somebody could prove this?)
  • Accounts exist for two years (this information is also from presentation). This is very important for revenue share


  • as it seems to me they don’t have enough promo materials and I didn’t really get to what languages they are translated
  • Tiered commission plan. The bigger the trading volume is, the bigger the commission.,which makes sense, but a minimum should be in place for lifetime.

The question to the official representative. To what languages are the promo materials for partners translated?


You forgot the pros related to the welcome bonus (after the registration you will be given Tier 2). You can do a withdrawal from $100. But that was nothing. as for me, the biggest advantage is the benefit in comparison with CPA. A lot of partners for some reason are chasing instant income and working mostly on CPA. But if you want something more stable? It is better to search for revshare offers with clear conditions. And I wouldnt really recommend taking revshare from brokers, which pays the commission from net profit (you will never be able to check it). Everything is fine with it in zulutrade - they give the commission from the trading volume.


I will add from myself nice support service into the list of advantages. Guys from the affiliates department help with all the questions. Special thanks goes to Julia.


Received the first commission payment from the high payment broker group. I'm on Tier 2. There is a difference (no matter how obvious it sounds). So, I suggest you take a closer look at the brokers with higher commission. You can promote AAAFx, FXopen. I recommend other partners to look closely. I can’t wait to switch to Tier 3.


I want to add a significant advantage to the list. This is a big number of supported brokers. I didn’t count the exact number, but I think there are around 30 brokers available. Referrals have enough to choose from. The only moment here is that if you live in some European country, no all the brokers can be available for your registration. As far as I understand this is connected with the financial regulators' rules.
That is why as accompany partner I would take this into account in case your promo materials contain information about the certain broker. It is better to check whether it is possible to register an account with the broker in the region your commercial targets.
I didn’t find this information in the official guides. The support team helped me to figure this out. It was mentioned before, but I will admit once more – they respond fast and up to the point.