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Here our Affiliates can exchange the best marketing practices or submit questions regarding their efforts. The ZuluTrade Affiliates Desk will provide insights and tips on how to best promote the ZuluTrade brand.


I have a question about the promo materials. What kind of zulu special features is better to use in advertisement in the first place? There are a lot of banners and it is kind of costly to test all of them.


Hello DM1930058F,

Thank you for your interest in the ZuluTrade Affiliate Program.

Regarding ZuluTrade’s special features, we believe that all features offer different value for different segments of audiences. Below are some suggestions regarding our features that would appeal to a large segment of investors.

-Traders Combos
A. Traders’ Combos are dynamic combinations of individual Traders, constantly monitored and updated to ensure maximum performance.
B. The Combos are automatically created following a point-based algorithm that has been set up for identifying profitable combinations of trading strategies.
C. Traders’ Combos are grouped in tiers that correspond to different risk appetites, from conservative to highly aggressive.

-Profit sharing accounts
With Profit Sharing accounts investors are aligned with our Traders, they are paid off for the profits they generate in the investors’ account while they are charged with discounted commissions.

-ZuluGuard™ and Automator

ZuluGuard™ is an account protection feature that monitors each Trader’s behavior and automatically removes a bad Trader when a radical trading strategy is detected.

With the Automator investors can create and execute their own automated rules, using an if this, then that logic, and essentially create their own settings, by building their own automated rules!

Regarding promo material we indeed provide an extensive variety of creatives. This is to cover all needs of our partners since different creatives serve different purposes of different stages of a funnel. For instance, banners with a landing page on a sign-up mask are better for a user that is in the middle of the funnel and we want to quickly sign them up. On the other hand banners with landing page, our copy trading page will help and educated a top of the funnel user.

In terms of conversion rates, assuming that your audience has an idea about trading:

-Signup Mask has the highest CRs. You can find it by logging into your Affiliate account and accessing the “widgets” tab of your account.

-Traders Widgets are following on conversion rates, it would be nice if you create a Traders wall with multiple widgets within the same page.

-Last but not least is our banners and you should perform A/B test to find the best fit for your audience since we see different performances for different websites.

I hope this is helpful.

ZuluTrade Affiliate Program Team


I suppose it depends on the traffic type. If your main traffic is investors, then it's better to use banner "No Time For Trading", zuluguard, automator. Another story, if your traffic mostly consists of the traders, who want to try themselves as managing traders. It is better to show the information about EU regulations in that case. Though I just wrote I have a question coming out. Referrals, which become traders - how the commission for them is calculated? Official company representatives, please reply here on this forum.


No matter what banner you will use, you will have to test them anyway. Nobody will tell you for sure which is better/worse. But you need to understand, that the promo, which is out there in your personal account - these are the options checked by the company. if you are going to create something yours, that's a big question here. How many attempts you will need to get the ad with the decent conversion?
I would recommend using official promo materials at the initial stage, and then after the first results - to think of something new, yours.


Hello DM1931153F,

Thank you for your comment.

At the time being, Affiliates will not be compensated for introducing Trader accounts to the service.

Let us tell you why,

First of all we accept demo Traders, as you can understand from such accounts there is no revenue to share with Affiliates. Regarding live trader accounts, since there is no markup for them to secure the best conditions for them and our investors, again there is no margin available to share with affiliates.

We are planning to compensate our affiliates for Traders and sub Affiliates in the future but the compensation model should be aligned as always with the interest of our investors.

Please let us know if you need any further clarification.

ZuluTrade Affiliate Program Team


Hello DM1937021F,

We agree with you.

Our promo material is tested and optimized all the time, however, every Affiliate should find the best fit for each audience. This requires testing but not something exhausting.

The main difference is if the affiliates have users on the top of the funnel or below, for each stage different materials should be used.

we hope this helps.

ZuluTrade Affiliate Program Team


I’m just an ordinary trader. Could you please recommend how I can promote zulutrade offer? I don’t have any specific skills in ads managing or don`t have my websites. Is it correct, that I can use my instagram, facebook for promotion or there are some kinds of restrictions regarding it?