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I didn’t find a specific thread to ask my question. Are you planning to add some examples of landing pages to the promo materials? (translated into different languages). It used to help me a lot at the time I generated traffic from one of the binaries options brokers.
Nevertheless, I decided to work with your revshare. It seems fairer to me, but I’m just finding my feet at the moment. So that would be interesting to know what else is going to be added in the nearest time.


I don’t think that somebody’s landing pages would help you. I think it is right that zulutrade doesn’t offer ready to go templates of the landing pages. The thing is that in this case all the affiliates start to use them and their efficiency drops down dramatically. The right way here is to make your own landing pages and test them by the A/B method. Additionally, you need to keep in mind, even if you find a highly convertible landing page, it is not going to be like this forever. I had such scenario for hundred times. Seems like I found a cool offer and made an awesome landing for it. Increased conversion through different tests. After 1-2 months of work, the conversions start to drop down together with ROI. The thing is in the rapidly changing market. In the era of internet technology, even months are matters and you need to do the proper adjustments for the environment constantly. That is why I deny the offers of my friend to teach them how to generate traffic. This is not only a technical question; you need to have a certain character. And I can not teach this. To conclude. Zulutrade – good guys. They keep only the most needed functionality in personal accounts. Without any poses. This is what professionals in affiliate marketing sphere need.