zulutrade is very complicated


I am new to zulutrade. I find it very complicated. Does any one know where I can find step by step instructions?


You can start from here: https://www.zulutrade.com/tutorials


By the way you are welcome to join me: https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/375517/trading
My style of trading is safe and smooth.


We can not find 2900 pips drawdown being smooth


Herzlich willkommen zu Zulutrade.
Achten Sie beim der Wahr der Trader vor allem auf Risiko und maximale Drawdown.


habe gestern ein interessantes Artikel hier in Netz gefunden:


wird Ihnen sicherlich ein wenig weiter helfen


You’re right, but that was last year. In my strategy description there is a note: The Old strategy has been revised, as although it has showed a profit, nevertheless there were significant drawdowns from time to time. From January 2019 a new approach has been applied which significantly has enhanced an entry point into the market. As you can see from the statistics of transactions, the new approach fully justifies itself. Now let’s compare the number of pips: yours - +4,672.6 and mine - +9000. In my humble opinion, my trading result is almost 2 times better than yours. And I think that in that indicator you will not overtake me. Let’s see in the long run.


demo account right? I’d suggest trading real money if you want to get more assets following your system.


Yes, you are right it is the demo. I have already answered same question to ICM1920646F. Here is that answer: “I’m not sure if you got my answer as I can’t see it. So I decided to respond to your comment again. Well, I fully understand your concerns about demo accounts. Most of them are complete sucks. The situation is that I already have several live accounts with other brokers. So I decided not to open a new account with Zulu, but simply to duplicate all my trades using a demo account with Zulu. Perhaps in the future I will open a real account specifically for Zulu, just for the greater confidence of my subscribers, but at the moment I will use a demo account. In the meantime, I can advise you to just monitor my account and my other posts and maybe you will like the way I trade. With respect: Daily Great Swings https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/375517/trading
And also, as you may remember, I wrote to you: Agree. What can I say? Only time and trading reports will show what kind of traders we are.


ZuluTrade might be as complex as you say, but that is the reason why demo accounts are available. You can find literally everthing you need to know about forex on the threads here and also on other platforms. Try demo to familiarize with how zulutrade works first


I do not see anything like that for a very long time. But Zulutrade may seem complicated anyway, but I can tell you it’s only on the start. It have very big and tremendous help in any possible way, so nothing should stop you from that at all.