ZULUTRADE label of "risky behavior" and withholding shared commissions from excellent traders


Once again I write to ask that you re-consider this policy of not paying traders during a month when USDZAR trades reach 700 pips drawdown

As per paragraph #4, Signal Providers who introduce high risks to their followers with the inappropriate trading behavior will not be compensated. Inappropriate trading behavior occurs when the Trader allows for his max draw down percentage to exceed 100%, or when his open trades have larger than usual draw downs, or one of the trades reaches -700 pips.

(see data below where I have not been paid commissions for the last 4 months), even when these trades have ended in profit and my equity curve is in very good shape. As these USDZAR trades should not be labeled as risky trading, which your policies have taken into consideration with the XAUUSD / GOLD pairing, but for some reason you have not revised your “risky” DD measurement for USDZAR.
700 pips in this USDZAR currency pair are a completely different risk / loss than other currency pairs, so it is not right that these trades in this month in and other months should be deemed to be “risky”.

For example: below stats on an account balance of $8401

700 pips in NZDUSD = $3570 which would be 42.4% of capital
700 pips in USDZAR = $4.90 which would be 0.05% of capital
700 pips in XAUUSD = $7.00 which would be 0.08%

How are these pip values and equivalent dollar percentage values taken equivalently in terms of RISK?
This is in no way fair or right.

Below are the four consecutive months I have not been paid commissions by Zulutrade as a result of these supposed “risky” USDZAR or USDTRY trades. I am asking you to revise your policies appropriately (as you have done with XAUUSD) and pay the commissions due to me.


still nothing.
many promises to change the way their platform works, measures traders performance, helping investors to follow/copy more wisely, and to compensate traders for their work fairly.
but nothing.
Zulutrade told me they would restore my payments that were rejected, but it still has not happened.


Hello OTB!

Please be patient. We are very close to your issue resolution.



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Why is it that Zulutrade is so quick to edit my posts advertising other trade copying platforms that compete with them?
But not quick to correct all the payments that have withheld from me?
My ranking should easily be Top 100.
Easily Top 1000 in Europe.
But it is not. Because of the way they have encouraged investors to follow their traders.

Just look at the Pips.
Just look at the Equity.
Just look at the Max Drawdown in Equity terms and Pip terms.
Just look at the Average Pips gained.
Just look at the Hit Rate - Percentage of Winners.

And I have only received 1 payment out of 5.

Can you please, please, please give US TRADERS and ME an approximate timeframe for when you will resolve these issues: ranking structure, Equity focus instead of PIP focus, “risky trading detected” label, over 700 pip policy on pairs such as USDZAR or USDMXN or USDTRY should be much higher, etc.


Dear OTB!
We have informed you multiple times we are not allowing other networks’ mentions.
About the improvements, we are taking seriously what all traders have proposed from time to time. There are a few delays but we are gradually resolving or improving most of them soon or later. We are currently dealing with various and big projects that need major resources.
We kindly request for your patience again.



You have many “big projects” but what about paying your top traders what they deserve? what they have earned over 5 months?
This is not right. And I have asked patiently, repeatedly for a correct resolution. It should not take 4 or 5 months to receive payments that I earned in commission sharing.

Please look up the word “swindle” or “grifting” in your Chinese-English dictionary.


Dear OTB…

You will receive a related email soon. We have resolved the “exotics” issue. Please be patient.