ZuluTrade should respect traders to their true value !


Hello dear traders and followers and all members of ZuluTrade Community

We, VorteXz Signals have been in the trading industry for more than 10 years already
We’ve been working and still are affiliates with different forex brokers, we’ve also been signal providers for binary options and forex for the last 10 years as well.
As affiliates and traders we always felt very respected and we were treated properly, like a very valuable asset !
They were doing their very best to keep us happy all the time, we were feeling like KINGS ! That is the proper way to treat traders and affiliates , they are the ones that bring investors on the platform !

We recently decided to become an affiliate and traders for ZuluTrade and everything changed !
As a trader, we feel very very unnapreaciated and not respected at all, ZuluTrade does not care about traders and doesn’t try at all to make them happy. They make us feel that all they care about is them to make money from traders volume and that is all !

They even got this crazy Terms&Conditions that are saying they will not pay traders if they have a negative month in pips ! Really ? This puts immense ammount of pressure on traders, and pressure can lead to bad decidisions when trading ! This is the reason some traders can go crazy, because of the high pressure they take from everywhere!

Let’s say we have 11 consecutive months of continous profits which cumulate thousands and thousands of pips, and then on our 12th month we have a small drawdown of maybe 100-200 pips, but we still have tried our best to make that profitable and also made a lot of volume !
Guess what, in this case ZuluTrade will not pay the trader , even tho ZuluTrade still makes the same ammount of money from the volume created ! This is really unfair and makes the Traders feel very unrespected and undesired and at the same time puts a lot of pressure on them.
Trading is very hard and you should all know that, and ZuluTrade should do their best to keep traders happy in order for them to have a good psihology(an very important part of a good and sucessfull trading) and trade at their best capacity.
Putting such pressure on traders does not help at all, and not paying traders for their hard work is even worse ! They will feel very unappreciated and they will start doing risky traders in order to save the month and their revenue. There is even one case i’ve seen on the platform where a trader was asking for their payment and ZuluTrade refused to pay him because of their T&C

They also have this crazy other terms that they pay traders after 60 days when they request an payout ! really, 60 days ?
I NEVER NEVER got paid so slow from another company in my life ! It usually is 5-15 days and that’s all, but NEVER 60 days ! Why not make it 1 year dear ZuluTrade ?
And even worse, while your payment is on PENDING you can not even request new payments and they just stack there more and more, with traders not getting paid for their hard work !
Do you really belive that anybody wants to work hard and not get paid for it?

Imagine you, as investors requesting a payment from your trading account and having to wait 60 days for it to be released ? How would that make you feel ? An respectable brokers pays their investors as fast as possible in order to keep them happy !

Have you ever thought that if you make traders happy and respect them, you will be able to attract better traders from around the world ?
Traders are a valuable asset for ZuluTrade, and ZuluTrade should really change the way traders are treated !

Please ZuluTrade, this is a petition, change the way you treat traders
Since I’ve become a trader on ZuluTrade I feel miserable from the way you treat us, I feel very unnapreciated and unrespected !
Have you ever thought, if you keep traders happy you will make better traders out of them and also attract more good traders ? Just think about it !

New Ranking structure

I agree. Not sustainable in the long run. Good / best traders will not stay long term at Zulu.
It will be constant turnover of new traders, new investors, without loyalty and retaining talent.