ZuluTrade have implemented the following forum guidelines and rules in order to make the forum community a more relaxed and welcoming user experience. ZuluTrade requires all posts to be well-mannered and reasonably on topic. The moderators of this forum reserve the right to remove content at any time and for any reason in accordance with the terms described below. Be polite, talk to the members as you would like them to talk to you. Discussions in the forum are focused on user advising; therefore offensive behaviour is not welcomed and will be penalized. ZuluTrade’s priority is your satisfaction, so if you have any complains concerning our policies please feel free to address them.

ZuluTrade General Rules

  • Please kindly use polite language when you post. Any excessive profanity or foul language will be removed and you will be notified. This includes also racial, gender and ethnic-based remarks or discrimination of any personal kind. Additionally, try not to post offensive posts towards your fellow forum members in a language that is provocative and inflammatory.
  • Spamming is not permitted, please do not post any material that includes pornography, warez, or any other illegal transactions and this content should NOT be linked in any shape and/or form. Advertising, commercial-related or competitive products are all forbidden and considered as a spam material. Try to keep all posts on-topic. No affiliates links and personal emails are allowed to be posted anywhere in the forum.
  • Any complains, problems or issues should be either addressed to the moderator/s in a polite form of a question or send to the corresponding company emails. The forum moderator/s will make or change any and final decisions as based upon these forum rules.
  • Kindly remember to post in the correct thread and forum section. Each section has its own rules. Take time to get to know the forum and search for already existing posts. This way, you may find an answer already being published to your questions. If your topic is posted in the wrong thread it will be moved by the moderator.
  • Signatures must not contain affiliate links, personal emails, pornographic material, racist content and commercial arrangement. The only things allowed to be posted in the signature section are a personal blog or a personal website, only in case when it promotes ZuluTrade.
  • If you consider that a post violates any of the ZuluTrade forum rules please bring it to the attention of the moderator/s.
  • Each Signal Provider is given one thread to advertise their performance in the section New Signal Provider. Exceptions are made only for cross-posting in different languages. Please keep in mind to not highjack other signal providers’ threads with your performance – this is considered as spam.
  • Cross-posting (posting the same content in multiple channels) is not permitted, except when it is in different language sections of the forum. All duplicate posts are to be deleted, posted only the last sent copy.
  • Please keep in mind that the forum is not an acceptable channel for reporting problems on a continuous manner. Keep in mind to always contact ZuluTrade Support at support@zulutrade.com for any personal issue/problem/question you might have. (Support checks the forum regularly, but the only way to guarantee they will address your issues correspondingly is to contact them directly).
  • Banning is done automatically for all the spam and fishing cases. Forum users’ ban for continuous spamming (e.g. a signal provider advertising his/her performance in many threads) is firstly addressed on e 24 hr basis with a warning. If this continuous further the ban becomes permanent.
  • A topic is considered as closed/locked in cases when the conversations stops and/or posts are continuously posted off-topic.
  • Kindly use the same language as the sections of the forum you are posting in. If your language is not supported, send an email with a request to be opened one. Of course, keep in mind, that ZuluTrade cannot support languages already not covered by its services. English is the preferred language of the forum – since it is the most accessible by all users worldwide.
  • Get to know your fellow forum members. Kindly help them out with any questions/problems they might have. Be active and share your feedback and experience!
  • If your post is missing and not present, then this post has violated the Zulutrade forum rules and guidelines and therefore has been removed.

Violation of any of the above rules will result in consequences determined on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you all for contributing. Hope you all benefit from the ZuluTrade forum.