20000 pips per month


so many signal providers who are boasting their results right now wont be here in next few months thats because markets never work the same this is why it is best to follow automated system which work flawlessly long term without any human intervention. only way to survive is by following a system which works in all market conditions. follow systems with only long term consistent growth.

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Happy New Year 2019



large moves on jpy and aud pairs today. flash crash. as expected my system did well.


Busy day too many news coming up.


yearly expected return.


GBP is on watch list


VOTING on brixit today


GBPUSD is facing 1.2930 resistance, a break of this level would indicate that the upside movement from 1.2396 has resumed, then further rise towards 1.3000 could be seen. Near term support is at 1.2780, below this level could bring the price back to 1.2740 area.


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5000 dollars now following my system, slowly but people will surely see the potential of this system and soon the following amount will go higher in very huge number. I am so positive about it. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


not many system survives for too long. automated and stable systems will only survive long.


The good long lasting forex trading strategies are out there on public websites like FXStat and my fx book, but you must be very diligent to do your research into all the various important factors that show the ability, skill, and character of the trader OR the strength of the automated strategy.


please do not post any advertising posts in my thread, feel free to post in your threads.

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@PROFITMASTERFX this is not advertising in any way. I am pointing out that profitability in trading systems does exist and how to find it online since I have done a lot of this research over the past 2 to 3 years on many trading websites. This will help others to find the same performance metrics that point to the skill and profitability of the trader.
You do not mention the weaknesses of your system of 01 lots to those who only focus on pips gained. There is also the factors of Return on Income, Length of track record, and depth of Max Drawdown as a percentage of Average Profit per month.
This is where your system is weaker. And where a system of Tickmill LN is stronger overall and that is why I mentioned it. So that you learn and are wiser and do not mislead people.


NO NEW TRADES WILL BE TAKEN. I am discontinuing from zulu website.

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Why? How can I follow you?


This is why you’re disconnecting… only 3% profit over 7 months?
Pips focus and Hit Rate focus have made this system UNprofitable.
EUR 888 profit in 6 months.



you are really an smart ass with 0 knowledge still wants to comment on every thing, I am discontinueing because zulu is not copying all my trades and also I am not happy with the amount people are bringing to follow me. if they bring 50 and 100 dollars to follow obviously they wont make any thing.

I really advice you to mind your own business and do what ever shiit you are doing, I DONT REALLY CARE.

let the people decide what they want to follow and what not.



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