20000 pips per month



At least I made 888 Euro profits according to your own submission.

while you lose 150,000 of your investors?




There are specific restrictions for the Demo Traders.
If you were running a live account, you wouldn’t have these issues.



Yes let followers, signal investors, and fund investors with Performance Fee compensation decide who they will allow to manage their trades.
And they already have done so.
You talk big, but I heartily suggest you work a lot harder and longer on your system and profitability and build up a profitable track record of at least one year with better Pain to Gain ratios.
You have 14 investors on Zulu and 2 trade copiers on Signal Start.
@OutsidetheBoxHK has 204 investors on Zulu and 50 Fund clients, and 50 other trade copier investors on other platforms.

That is because I have an excellent 25 month track record and proven ratio of Monthly Profit vs Average Monthly Drawdown measured in equity terms. And proven ability to recover from at least 9 drawdowns in that 25 month period.

**The best ranking algorithms that have proper weightings that are calculated in a much more trustworthy and profit-based way can be viewed for my system and other systems

The losses of my Zulu investors were NOT incurred as a result of my closed trades on the master account, as followers were using different risk management and closing trades prematurely, not adhering to the strategy I am managing as the strategy provider.

zulutrade management is already in process of changing the whole measurement system.
measurements on drawdown, profitability, etc will all be based on equity. which is how institutional traders and fund managers all work.

see their comment below, written just this week:


yes like you. you should listen to yourself / your preaching seriously.