Anonymous Investor asked "Hey, Traders. Are you still here?"... Sounding of crickets trailing off


WOW! In the past few weeks, I have gone through some of the older posted threads here in the forum. It’s almost feels like a ghost town here Now, I knows that some of us are still here alive and well. Because, I seen some new posts (excludes mine, of course). I am surprised that there is not much activities here at the forums. This forum is being underutilized. It should be hopping with questions and answers from both investors and traders alike.

Now I knows that we have active posters here that are active. can we all come and try to helps each other to makes a lot of profits.

Emerald Trader


Hi, what happened to this thread? I thought it was started to help utilize available resources here.I can not see any new posts here, which means the crickets must be trailing off. Any reader should know that the main rule of trading is that emotion=s must be kept aside