Best Broker to Use for Canadians



I’m new to Zulutrade; Just wanted to ask which broker would be considered the “best” for Canadians in terms of trading costs (commission, exchange rate, deposit fees, etc.). Would it be better to choose a broker that offers a CAD currency with higher commission or stick to the USD currency with lower commission?

Thanks in advance


Not many options for canadians, living in Canada. I recently found BlackBull, New Zealand company and they accept Canadian residences. You can use Zulutrade with BlackBull.

Good Luck


Sure, Canadian traders do not really have much of an option when it comes to brokers to work with. I'd also appreciate knowing of any other brokers accepting traders from Canada. So far, Blackbull accepts Canadian traders so you can use that alongside Zulu trade


I am using Forextime as a broker, I am from Canada. I am using them on another trading platform. I don’t know if you can use Zulutrade with Forextime. Maybe contact Zulutrade admin.