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Updating my strategy to includes Expert Advisory in the mixes. Also updating other setting too.


As of Jan 9, 2019.


As of Jan 12, 2019. Been a roller coaster week but able t o scalped some pips out of it.


WOW, with the market going haywire the past few day, It set me back big time. :sob::sob::sob:


OK! Looking back at my strategy, I just figured out what I did wrong. Expanding the take profits higher than 50 pips was a bad idea, and it cost 4 big bad trades the other day. Going back to setting taking profit at 50 pips per trades.


EmmT, think many curve balls been thrown of late, if your strategy is working as normal, consider the abnormal events happening, plenty of volatility at the moment will rock the best of systems, sometimes good old fashioned manual “Day” trading is needed or just plain “Sitting it out”, good luck, MCT


Agreed with you on that. I have been sitting out a lot and watch the market. Volatility seems to hurts my system more than helps.


I have thrown the EA out the window and trading manually, less frequent trades but on the money wins. I have a sell on GBPUSD, seems its defied gravity, if so, see 1.275 a target, just my opinion, MCT
See the AUDUSD rising to .74, possibly even .85 if the chart is anything to go by, just my op.


I had been doing manual trades In the beginning, Just reasonably thrown EA into the mixes. It not as bad, but not great either. Will look into finding a better entry point I am seeing what you see also. Been able to sculpted some trades out of it.


Think Brexit is giving the random moves at the mo, NFP out today and with every chance of falling you just never know, maybe another spike then down, think it’s overdone in all cases, we will see, MCT


Strategy updated, EA still being used to assist with scalping.


Updating strategy to use only EA with specify setting to open trades. Also will be manually closing trades to assist with gaining better profits.


Updating my strategy. My Strategy is based on strong buy and strong sell, trend trading base. I will be trading using 15 minutes time frames with all trading pairs. Scalping will be part of my strategy. There will be both buy and sell orders for the same pair at some point in time, if direction changed to scalp profits to your benefits.