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The strategy is now available for EU investors!


Live investor’s profit proves a stable strategy that will not scare them off, or force them close trades at a loss. Almost 22 weeks and the strategy has gone though many hard times but always manage to be profitable , and the most important is being profitable respecting the max open positions and max drawdown strategy allows. So, any investor following, knows what to expect in terms of drawdown. ( no unexpected terror…)
Currently ranked at #54,


We had another great week accumulating 176.4 pips with 16 trades!
Reached the top #50 traders in zulurank, currently at #46!
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Another good week ended, accumulating 130.1 pips!
Reached the #30th position although we are are experiencing some minor drawdown.

Most important is the positive LIVE INVESTORS PROFIT though, which is up to $157.35 by only 17 investors with micro accounts!


Another winning week ended accumulating 95 pips! Climbed more at the ranking now sitting at #25! :v:
Fx Sailing Weekly

Live investors profit increases, not having a losing investor yet …

Drawdown has remained way bellow the max possible drawdown of the strategy.

Having a smooth curve both in Pips and USD$ mode!

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hey, i saw your profile, sad to see that happened. my question is: did the losing positions hit the stoploss or you close that manually? what happened men?
hope you recover.


I had continues losing strakes nfortunately. None of the losing trades exceeded the max drawdown allowed. But stop hit after stop hit led to the loses.


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