Invest only in responsible real money traders


Yes I completely agree.
This is what the partner at Mt Cook has always told me.
Quite honestly 99% of long-term and consistently profitable FX trading strategies these days are now automated. But there are the odd discretionary trader who is awesome. And almost all of the “grey box” automated strategies having been built at investment firms and hedge funds etc are controlled by excellent and experienced traders.

I know this because a Risk Manager at an investment bank has met with me to ask that I cooperate/collaborate with them so they can “code” my main flagship strategy. This will be one big task, as my strategy has multiple facets and I have intentionally developed it to be agile in markets that change thru different timeframes and different patterns.


Agreed with you on your aspect.


You should invest in responsible traders, yes I agree. However, it does not mean that traders who are using demo accounts are all iresponsible. Some have real accounts attached to their demo accounts, just for the purposes of money management


Maybe, but I think they should show copiers they have actual skin in the game.