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This is why Pro Rata @ 100% is best way to replicate traders performance (with at least $2000 equity)

The calculation of the Signal Provider’s performance then became a simple calculation of the pips gained or lost, and not of the corresponding money according to the Lot Size selected by the trader.
A Signal Provider could vary the Lot Size over time, so sometimes his pip could be worth more or less, but the follower investor did not have the possibility to vary his Lot Size in the same way, hence the pointlessness of showing the monetary performance. Better to show only the pips and use them as an absolute value.
This solution has definitely simplified things, and investors have been able to assess more easily the Signal Providers. However, at a theoretical level, this was definitely not the best solution in order to best replicate their performance.

One of the fundamental part of a Trader’s strategy is Money Management, or, in this case, the ability to vary the percentage of the capital at risk in every trade. To do this, the professional traders calculate the pips they decide to invest in a trade, and then they adjust the Lot Size in order not to risk more than a certain percentage of their funds.
An example?
Funds: 10.000 $
Capital at risk in a trade: 1 % = 100 $
Pips of Stop Loss: 50
100 $ / 50 pip = 2 $ = 0,2 Standard Lot = 2 Mini Lot = 20 Micro Lot
To the increase or decrease of the capital, but also to the changes of the pips of Stop Loss, the professional trader modify the Lot Size, to better manage the risk.
But this was not possible with ZuluTrade, or rather, it did not make sense with the “Fixed” option, as investors could not replicate this changes of the Lot Size, so much so that many Signal Providers had adapted their strategies to this type of fixed management.


Well, screwed it. but I decided to follows you with pro-rata. Let see if we can get this back on track. Don’t asked me why, I just have that tinkling feeling that it will goes well this time.


WOW! Who was the idiot?


Wow! I am impressed by your record and this means something cause i know a thing or two about the FX market myself. It is not easy to achieve a low of 0…and for lengthy periods of time at that. Congratulations!


Looks like things have changed from my last visit,( cannot post on your social tab but see the AUD/USD falling to .7000 only in my opinion) still see you at no1 spot though, I’ve never seen love and hate used in such context, keep up the good work, seems brexit has wider ripples than just the UK, See the rise in cable short lived too, 1.28, just my opinion also.


Some of my other achievements[ online can be viewed at my Blog]

Please just Google my trading name or visit my Twitter account to see what else I do in the forex space online


I have personally helped at least 5 investors with margin / risk issues, and I have had groups of people wanting community updates on various forums where I have posted for the past two years---- for low risk, medium risk, and high risk strategies that I manage.

I have much to report re the current situation with open basket of trades.
The low risk strategy has booked 4.05% profit in January and currently stands at 4.5% open drawdown.

Yet I only have so much time to explain in different ways to different trade copiers at different risk levels with different amounts of equity.
No matter how much I work or care for people and their investments, what limits me is that I only have so much control over what Trade Copiers are doing with their accounts, their equity, their management of open trades and their own decisions that they make on their own without consulting me. Sometimes clients choose to place additional trades of their own or trades from other signals they operate on the same trading account. This affects the risk management for this account.

I advise to not close any position that I have opened. This type of behavior has led to many losses that didn’t need to happen with investors who made their own decisions and own risk management plan.
I have full confidence that our relatively small losses will recover in terms of pips and equity (dollar amount), as I also have $73000 USD invested in my system, much skin in the game, much to lose, and potentially much to lose in my professional reputation and established track record.

These situations drawdowns arise, as some behavior in the markets is less easy to predict, so after more reflection and more contact with other traders/bankers, I will let you all know early next week what my dynamic plan is. The losses, at the very least can be minimised, which is always at the forefront of my mind, instead of acting irrationally and emotionally right at a market extreme when the momentum has nearly run its course and when the price action will revert to the mean AND continue with the larger downtrend that has been running for much longer and therefore has more weight. The USD sometimes extends its gain or loss momentum at week’s end, which it will then retrace at the start of trading in the next week. This exact situation evolved most recently on week ending 4 December when AUDUSD last peaked out with extreme momentum and skewed sentiment.
Next week open should be gap down on both GBP and AUD.

I have done countless hours of technical analysis that gives me conviction and confidence that my setup and current Total Open Exposure is still valid. But I cannot report all of this in written form to so many individuals. I must spend a majority of my attention and effort on trading, studying the markets, and executing my profession. Some day I will have an assistant to do all this admin work, but right now I still do it all by myself.

Will give more multi-facted reasoning for my view next week on…

Social feed on my trading page: https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/375788/social

  1. New high water mark in equity terms
  2. New high water mark in PIP terms
  3. Many followers not capturing same pips / equity that my master account is capturing
  4. Zulutrade is not benefiting investors or traders… wake up!!! Just spoke to the partner in a brokerage firm yesterday, and he DEFINITELY confirms what I know.


Thats just silly you are trading USDZAR


So what is your point / meaning?
Zulu doesn’t differentiate between EURUSD, USDZAR, USDTRY, USDJPY, and USDNOK pips so why should providers??? It means providers almost always will lose.
You should correctly say: Zulu system and trade copying platform is SILLY, I am just playing the game they have given us.
Do you see that at the end of the day, if investors and providers are not following the same strategy of trading, then it will always be Zulu that wins and no one else.


So be it, but normal your average pip gain is about 7 Just another scalp strategy i think the investors are bored with this (PipmasterUK. OTB) to much DD

I think investors are looking for more traders who know what they are doing and make a lot more pips per trade.


Part 1 and Part 2 of this low risk OTB strategy

  1. http://www.myfxbook.com/members/OutsideTheBoxHK/outside-box-part-1-2/2087437

  2. http://www.myfxbook.com/members/OutsideTheBoxHK/outside-box-mt-cook-master/2206347

  3. Merged account history – Parts 1 and 2 combined on **

If you would like to criticize these results or my style of trading then PLEASE POST a strategy AND LIVE RESULTS OF SIMILAR LENGTH that are BETTER IN YOUR MIND.

My average pips per trade: 30.8
Track record length: 25 months
Equity Growth since inception: 970%
Max Drawdown: 26%
Annualized ROI: 157%


Trading the USDZAR makes this fake.

Is too high for most investors


Tell this to MyFXBook or Zulu. They don’t seem to be listening.
A majority of investors either.

So if you know a better strategy to follow, post it here, Mr Wise Advice.


I hope FOMC later today save your USDJPY positions lets hope they are very dovish :slight_smile:


I don’t need to hope.
I use statistics, risk management, and sound experience to base my trades on.
I don’t subscribe to your emotional way of speaking. Trading is mathematical, that’s all.
The sooner you accept this, the sooner consistent profitability comes into grasp.


I am praying for you because your trading isn’t very impressive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


what I see and know is different from what you see and know.
Learn how to calculate.


High % gains in small accounts isn’t very difficult.


Let’s see your account results then.
Or another provider who is better.
Otherwise pls keep your negative, hateful, critical, harassing comments to yourself.
Or take them elsewhere. They are not helpful to others or to myself.